Hey, I am grown up girl now. A number of 21 seem like a good start for this whole year which full of joy and surprise.  Certain people a bit afraid of TWENTY in their journey of life. Just like me at the beginning but I did transforming my mind and the way I loved to think and behave because of a few things. The ‘things’ had taught me a lot where I have to change slowly to the next level of becoming an adult. 

People out there especially girls; please don’t be afraid of 20! You should be proud that you can survive independently from 20 ages and onwards. Be more responsible of what you had done, what you are doing now and what you will do later or sooner.

Firstly, I would like to say millon thousands of thank you to both My King and My Queen. For raising me up with lots of love, happiness, pleasures, and etc. I know both of you are trying so hard from 21 years ago until now without a stop even for a while to fulfil all my nonsense requests and demands. So mami and abah, don’t worry. I still remembered what I had promised to you and keep it closely to my heart and mind. And one of them is, the result of my foundation. A smile and congratulation wishes from mami and abah really meaningful to me. Thank youuuuu and I love youuuu mami & abah. (Mami, ni upah skodeng blog fb and blog ya, hehe but I really meant it, honestly XD)

Hohoho, birthday present for this year is reallyyyyyyyyyy awesome! Guess what? this is from My Super Handsome Abah , wink wink. Sangat suka! I love the design! Simple but still look elegent. Our taste is same lah abah XD

And orange Polo Lauren handbag from Lovely Mami. thank youuuuu. (malas nak snap pic) hehe. so google is the best solution. unluckily x jumpa yang sama tetapi hampir sama la. 

This year of 2013, I am sooooo glad that I already had reached to 21 years old. why? Why? Keep asking me why. HAHAHAHA k. this is my reasons ;

# 21? The age of responsibility. From what? Be responsible for everything we do, we talk, we think, we speak, we make jokes, we write, and sooooooo onnn. Mencabar bukan? Lagi lame hidup lagi susah. Better jadi baby yang xperlu fikir ape-ape. Kalau lah boleh.

# Mami and abah will put their trust and confident on me. Okay, as I promised, it will not be misused by me. PROMISE!

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